cooking for cuties

what to expect

No matter the age, all of our students will learn fundamental tips and tricks of the culinary world. From the origin of different fruits and veggies, or playing eye spy....fennel, we teach our kids about food in a fun and approachable way. Ages 4 and up. 



Q: Will my child be grouped with children of the same age?

A: We take a poll of the children in each class via our sign up form, which allows us to group children by age and skill level.

Q: What should the student wear?

A: Comfortable clothes and non slip shoes. (no flip flops please)

Q: Should the student bring an apron?

A: An apron will be provided for your child and will be our gift to them!

Q: What if my child has allergies?

A: While we may not be able to accommodate all restrictions, we do our best to cater to our students    needs. We are a nut free program. 

Q: Can a parent or guardian sit in with the student?

A: If the student is 4 years of age the parent may choose to stay on site.  Parents or guardians of older aged students may drop off their child and pick up once the class is completed. Alternatively, they may wait in our sitting area. Grown ups are not allowed in the kid zone. This allows your child to learn and not be distracted. 


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