Southern Cadence Kids provides lunch services to daycares and private schools in the Greater Houston Area. Our mission is to provide chef-curated lunches to our little clients to increase their awareness of healthy foods, train their little palates to taste interesting flavors, and provide nutritious meals that leave them satisfied and fueled so that they are attentive and confident throughout the day.

According to the Institute of Health Sciences, study after study has shown how important a well balanced diet is to brain function and how intelligence, mood, emotional response and physical coordination – among others – are all affected by what we put into mouths of our children.

We want to ensure that your kids get a well balanced healthy meal free from as many processed foods as possible.

We would love to talk to you as a parent who is looking for healthier lunches at your children’s school or as and administrator at a daycare of private school who is looking for a new outlook on your lunch service.